Why ICG?

Top Reasons to Work for ICG

You are not just a number. At ICG we maintain a family spirit. We watch out for each other and care for each other. We work together closely, and everyone is a valuable contributor to our team success.

You are not alone.
Although our consultants are often at client sites and away from home, they are not out of touch. Our consultants have frequent contact with the VP of Consulting Services and their Practice Director, who maintains a pulse on what consultants are facing on an ongoing basis. Keeping our consultants connected to the company is important to us.

Competitive compensation and benefits.
ICG takes great pride in treating our people well. There is careful consideration that goes into providing competitive rates. We listen to feedback from our employees to ensure our benefits meet employee needs.

On-going nationwide marketing.
ICG consultants have a team of marketing and business development professionals dedicated to proactive and on-going marketing for our W2 employees.

Investment in employees.
To ensure the continuous improvement of ICG employees’ new and existing skill sets, ICG enthusiastically provides industry training reimbursement for full-time employees. We also emphasize individual professional development on an on-going basis by sharing real-time performance feedback on client engagements, creating customized developmental plans each year, and by conducting annual Performance Partnership discussions.

Bench Time.
With industry-leading placement rates, it is unlikely our consultants will be on the bench. However, in the unlikely event our consultants are on the bench between engagements, we provide compensation to our W2 employees.


Financially sound and growing. Our senior team has managed the growth of our company in an effective and responsible way. We are happy to report a sound financial foundation and secure growth plans.

Company meetings
. Every 15-18 months our company gets together for 3 days of education, team building, and fun! The ICG Gathering is a great opportunity for us to visit in person and strengthen our team unity.

Our people say it best.
To better maintain the pulse of our employees, we conduct an annual employee survey. Our employees have given us great feedback over the years.

2014 Employee Survey Results

  • 98% of employees feel ICG leadership is concerned with their well being as an employee.
  • 96% of employees would recommend ICG to a friend who is looking for employment.
  • 94% of employees are satisfied with their work experience at ICG.