Garrett Anderson

Meet Garrett Anderson.

Being able to improve patient outcomes and provide staff tools to better achieve this has always been a passion for Garrett. Being in the healthcare industry for 16 years, Garrett has experience in all variances of healthcare.  He has been active in IT working with the Epic system for 8 years with certifications in Epic ASAP, EpicCare Inpatient Clinical Documentation and ASAP Clarity data model.

Why ICG is different…
“I believe ICG is different because we take stock in our folks.  We want them to succeed.  If you don’t take time to observe, mentor, guide and encourage your staff then you are at risk of hard times and failure.  This is why I feel we are different, we want to make an impact in the lives of our clients, their patients and with our consulting staff.”

Why I joined ICG…
“I joined ICG to be a part of a small company.  I came to ICG because of the values that ICG portrays.  ICG gave me a chance to use my skills and talents to the fullest.”

“You have to have high aspirations and low expectations”-Lt. Col. Mark Weber