ICG RTH: Watch the Video

We understand the staffing challenges our customers face. You’ve got to find highly specialized talent quickly and under limited budgets. These challenges call for creative solutions.

ICG has a revolutionary model that can solve all these problems – and is projected to save one of our clients $1.5 million in consulting dollars this year alone.

It’s ICG Right to Hire (RTH), and it’s simple: we help you hire remote, full-time employees. You get a 6-month trial period to make sure each employee is a good fit for your team. During that time, we work with your teams to ensure a smooth transition to FTE after 6 months.

As a provider of healthcare IT consulting resources for 13 years, ICG has a large network of highly skilled consultants, many of which are ready to get off the road and enjoy the stability of full-time employment. RTH gives you access to a MUCH larger talent pool while preserving your ability to take on FTEs.

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