RTH – Catch up on what you’ve missed!

All month, we’ve put the spotlight on our Right to Hire solution as our Solution of the Month!

So what is RTH? Our Right to Hire offering solves the staffing conundrum many of you face – limited budget dollars for consultants paired with a lack of local talent. We will provide expert resources prepared to join your organization as full-time employees in a remote capacity. To ensure the right fit and a smooth transition, try them out as a contractor first. Read more here.

Alameda Health System has seen major savings with our RTH solution. See what CIO Dave Gravender has to say:

(And it would appear that this breakthrough performance caught the eye of Hollywood bigwigs.)

Read more about how RTH works for Alameda in this case study.

Simply put, RTH is a win for both the health system and the employee. While the client sees major cost savings, the employee enjoys a competitive salary and benefits while working from the comfort of home. Win-win!

Stay tuned for more on this innovative offering!