Solution of the Month: Training & Go-Live

We’re excited to highlight our robust Training & Go-Live offering as our September Solution of the Month! We’ll be sharing success stories, what sets us apart, and much more all month long.

Did you know ICG provides a resource guarantee?

While our high standards and thorough vetting process greatly reduce the likelihood, we understand that not every consultant works out. If a trainer doesn’t pass client-specific credentialing, there is no cost to the client, and ICG replaces the trainer within 24 hours. We also guarantee a 30-day notice for any resource who requests to leave the project. And that replacement consultant? The client will only be on the hook for travel & living expenses for their first two weeks.

We are dedicated to making your project as painless as possible.

Learn more on our Training & Go-Live pages – and stay tuned for more throughout the month!