Training & Go-Live Resource Retention

Large Training & Go-Live projects will inevitably involve resource turnover, both internally and from external staff. Our goal is to minimize the reasons why consultants leave engagements. Reducing the burden of purchasing and booking travel arrangements for the team plays a huge factor in resource satisfaction with the project.

Our reputation for providing quality consultants has a lot to do with how we treat our people. A large piece of that has to do with pay, benefits, support we offer, as well as the culture we foster. We are able to recruit and retain some of the industry’s best talent for that reason, and we believe it makes us a valuable partner to our customers.

Our Training & Go-Live consultants are paid competitive salaries with scheduled pay increases for project milestones during the engagement. An organized and effective travel and living policy coupled with our team’s pay schedule should greatly reduce turnover.

At ICG we do encourage clients to support and sponsor consultants for additional education, such as Epic certifications. This is a great incentive for consultants and works to increase retention. Our customers will assume no costs when sponsoring ICG consultants for continuing education.

Stay tuned for more as we continue to highlight our Training & Go-Live offering as our Solution of the Month!