Exciting Changes are Happening at ICG!

New Resources, New Leadership, and New Offerings

We're proud to announce that SV Health Investors has partnered with HIT executives Dave Dyell and Marc Hirshfield to recapitalize Innovative Consulting Group (ICG)! This new partnership will expand ICG’s services allowing us to provide you, our customers, with even better IT support.

“We intend to add a variety of capabilities such as additional internal technologies, an expanded sales force, and new tech-enabled and subscription-based services,” says Hirshfield, new managing partner at ICG. “But we also want to ensure that we maintain the elements that have made ICG so successful across two decades.” With this goal in mind, ICG’s founder Wayne Kinney will remain on the board and long-time ICG executive Jeff Taylor will serve as chief revenue officer.

Managing Partner Dave Dyell adds, “This truly is a win-win situation for ICG and our clients. We’ll continue to provide high-caliber service to our customer partners, while at the same time be able to offer a broader service footprint and increased capabilities. We’re excited to lead this next chapter of ICG’s story.”

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