Our Approach

Okay, this is going to feel a little different…

Our clients already know how we operate. But if you’re new to Innovative, here’s the scoop.

Number 1Everything we offer, we offer with next-level service.

Because if the service piece isn’t there, clients can feel it.

Number 2We’re insanely flexible—because this is about your goals.

With Innovative, you choose the level of support you need, not us.

Number 3We only have eyes for healthcare.

Some IT consultancies serve multiple industries; we serve one.

Number 4We’re agile by design and have been for 20+ years.

We’ve evolved to support any system, any stack, and any goal.

Number 5Up to speed, right out of the box.

Our teams bring value right away—because that’s when you need it.

David Dyell

The very nature of IT is such that it will always present challenges. That’s where we come in. Of course, we have HIT expertise, but we’re problem solvers first and foremost. And that’s where we add value.

David Dyell, Managing Partner, Innovative Consulting Group

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