Managed Services

Want to bypass the costs and complexities of in-house IT infrastructure and staff?

Managed Services can help you do just that and more—all without breaking the bank.

The Efficient Way to Prioritize Digital Transformation

Of course you want to leverage tech to improve your facility’s operations. But so does every other healthcare leader, which is why first-class technical talent is expensive. Know what else is expensive? IT hiccups. According to a recent HIMSS report, system downtime costs mid-sized hospitals $47,500 per hour.

So what’s an HIT leader to do? Consider Managed Services, the outsourcing of complex and costly IT services. Why? Because when hospitals leverage Managed Services, they reduce spending and risk—all while enjoying operational improvements.

Partnership with InterSystems

In 2024, Innovative was named an InterSystems partner, which confirms our ability to develop targeted HIT solutions that conform with InterSystems’ products and platforms.

Innovative’s partnership proves that Innovative has technical competence in the following areas:

  • Ensemble Integration Engine, an integration platform that supports connectivity and development
  • Healthshare, which captures, analyzes, connects, and shares data for clinical insights
  • IRIS, a cloud-hosted next generation Ensemble data platform for the development of healthcare applications
  • TrakCare, a health information exchange platform.

Managed Services: Benefits at a Glance

CheckmarkReduce capital required for long-term staff and infrastructure

CheckmarkEnjoy best-in-class security and disaster recovery support

CheckmarkAccess specialized talent for short periods of time

CheckmarkManage workload spikes quickly and efficiently

CheckmarkReduce in-house training, hiring (and termination) costs

CheckmarkBreak down the organizational silos that hinder innovation

Managed Services Spotlight

Application Rationalization

Innovative’s healthcare-specific application rationalization solution provides a complete inventory of all applications and a prioritization of those applications based on factors including business value, cost implications, criticality, and technological fit.

The result? Actionable recommendations for quick wins and significant cost extractions across your IT landscape.


Everybody’s doing it.


59% of companies choose to outsource IT services because it helps them cut costs.

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