Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of ICG is to deliver value to our customers by providing cost-effective IT healthcare services. We have a team of experienced professionals who partner with customers to guarantee the achievement of business objectives.

Our technical solutions will exceed the expectations of each and every client. Customers seek ICG because of our integrity, commitment to their success, and the value our technical, clinical, and financial expertise brings to their organization.

Our skills, expertise, and customer focus establish long-term and mutually rewarding business relationships.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a commitment to investing in the future of our company and our people.
ICG’s Senior Management team recognizes we have an opportunity to set ICG apart from other companies. Not only are we committed to hiring top talent, but we are also building a strong organizational structure to ensure our consultants and our clients are supported and positioned for success.

What does that mean?
ICG is proud to roll out a new infrastructure to better support our employees and better serve our clients.

This structure will utilize a team approach, leveraging mentorships to enable career growth for our employees and personal touch points for our clients. In doing so, we are creating a culture that not only attracts but also retains top talent.

Our vision ensures we are investing in solutions today that will enable strategic growth tomorrow.


[Our structure empowers our team to do right by you]


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